A year ago, when we were making plans for the new year, none of us expected what could unfold. 2020 will be a year to remember for all of us. COVID-19 changed our lives and the way we think. Even during such challenging times, MD Online found many reasons to stay positively challenged. Here are some of the highlights of this passing year.

Even though we could not hold our annual retreat, we have organised online training for our translators. This year we have cooperated with over 500 professional translators coming from all over the globe who skillfully work with most major CAT tools. MD Online Academy training sessions showed how CAT tools can make translations much more efficient and accurate. The sessions were led by Magda Hądzlik-Białek, a PhD candidate and our quality control specialist. Those webinars received very positive feedback from translators. If you did not manage to participate in one of our MD Academy training sessions, you can still watch them on our YouTube channel: MD Online – YouTube

In 2020, we experienced the continued growth of our customer base of LSPs and businesses from Poland, UK, Denmark, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic. We successfully completed thousands of translation projects as well as numerous language tasks in tens, if not hundreds, of language pairs. Our mission statement remains unchanged: our translations are done by professional native speakers of the target language.

A very special event of this year was the successful PhD defence of our translation team manager Magdalena Ochmańska. Her defence was one of the first online defences in Poland. If you want to know more about the experience of online defence, here is your peep behind the scenes: Online defence ? is it scary? – eCORRECTOR

Despite a large number of cancelled conferences, 2020 witnessed the development of an organisation of Polish translation employers POLOT. Dorota Sakowska-Hunt (CEO of MD Online) attended their meetings both in-person and online and we are pleased to see this organisation grow. 

We thank you for your continued business cooperation over the past year and wish you every success in 2021!

MD Online Team 

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