TOP 3 reasons to use CAT tools


The cooperation of language and IT specialist allowed to create a solution to the difficulties faced in the process of translation which is now known under the name of Computer Aided Translation (CAT).

CAT tools are computer programs designed to automatize formatting, make the translation process faster and minimize, or even eliminate, the risk of human error. Here are three reasons why to use CAT tools.

High quality in a shorter amount of time

Meeting even the shortest deadlines should not negatively influence the quality of the delivered translation. The only way to do it is to use CAT tools. The software prevents translators from translating the same phrase or sentence multiple times and reminds them how the fragment was formulated in the target language before. Still, the text can be easily edited, in case there is a need to modify it.

Managing issues connected with formatting may also be very time-consuming, especially in long and complex texts. CAT tools automatically replicate the formatting, saving effort, but first and foremost the time.

Perfect consistency

In longer text or in a series of texts the possibility of occurrence of human error in the form of lack of consistent wording is increasing. Yet, consistency is the key to a high-quality translation. Keeping a record of the translated texts and reminding the translators of the right word choices is another reason to use CAT tools. Therefore, it is possible to meet even the strictest requirements regarding terminology without extending the deadline.

Human translation

CAT tools are often mistaken with machine translation. Yet, what they are, is quite the opposite. Every word introduced into the translation software has to be translated by a human translator. The databases which help translators maintain the terminological consistency are created from the texts translated in the program. In other words, translators have to teach their CAT tools to help them and the more they use the software, the more helpful it becomes. To use CAT tools means to be sure that the text was translated by a human translator

Translation with CAT tools brings together the best of two worlds. Translators ensure the correct interpretation of the source text and create a target text that is written with natural style while the software makes their work easier, faster, and with no risk of discrepancy.

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