Sworn translations

MD Online is a translation agency that adjusts to your needs – if you need an official confirmation that translation is true to the source text, we offer our sworn translation services. It usually regards official correspondence, such as administrative and court letters, birth, marriage or death certificates, foreign employment records, etc. Whatever the reason, rest assured that our translations are 100% human and completed in accordance with the art of sworn translation.

MD Online provides native speaker translation and proofreading services. Many of our translations are carried out using CAT tools, which helps to ensure consistency throughout the entire document. Additionally, it allows us to reduce costs in the long-term for our returning customers.
We are able to assists companies and individuals by delivering top-quality sworn translations from and into Polish. Thanks to our wide net of contacts you can get your sworn translation quickly and cost-efficiently.
It is believed that gaining the title of a sworn translator is a great prestige. We completely agree – the examination may be passed only by those with high language skills and broad knowledge. They ensure that the content perfectly fits the source and carries the intended meaning. Our linguists are trained professionals who keep up to date with the industry requirements and deliver top-notch final texts.
A sworn translator can translate documents in electronic version and certify them with a qualified electronic signature. Electronic document affixed with such signature has equal legal validity as a written translation affixed with a seal and signature of a sworn translator. Sworn translation is always printed out and stamped – it is the binding and proper form.

Fast turnaround and highly competitive prices

You will get a non-binding quote within the hour – it will include pricing details and an estimated deadline. We know your time is precious!

Why order a sworn translation service

Sworn translation retains its legal relevance; in simple terms, it is seen as an equally important counterpart. For this reason, it is usually needed in case of judicial and official documents, such as diplomas, attestations, personal documents (passports, driving licences, ID cards), birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, last will and testaments, notary acts, invoices, financial statements, banking documentation, medical documentation (also test results and medical opinions), procedural documents, minutes, reports, testimonies, powers of attorney, court rulings, motions, petitions, appeals, registration documents, entries in land and mortgage register. Whenever you need a translation that is legally binding, a sworn translation is the service you need.

The scope of the sworn translation services

According to Polish law, all translations needed for legal transactions must be done by a sworn translator who has obtained the right to practise the profession in Poland. One sworn translation page usually consists of 1125 characters, including spaces. All visible print characters (letters, punctuation marks, hyphens, numbers, and spaces) are included in the number of characters. Every started translation page is treated as a full page.

If you wish to discuss the service in person or collect your sworn translation, we invite you to our office in Warsaw and Łódź. We can arrange a meeting that will shed light on whatever doubts you have regarding sworn translations.

Quality Assurance

Delivering high quality is important to MD Online. We understand that sworn translation is more than a simple text, its value is equal to that of the official document. As we care deeply about quality, we have introduced several quality assurance procedures to ensure that the product of this service is not at risk. We constantly monitor the performance of our sworn translators so you receive a professionally prepared sworn translation.

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