Healthcare and biomedical translations

MD Online provides a variety of healthcare and biomedical translations carried out by specialized medical translators and experts in biomedicine, bioengineering, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, general medicine and more. We have a proven track record of providing accurate translations with industry-specific terminology for a wide variety of clients.

Medical professionals you can trust

Our medical translators are frequently medical practitioners, such as doctors and medical researchers, who specialize in a particular area of medicine (e.g., biomedical, bioengineering, pharmaceutical research, clinical reports) and therefore fully understand the terminology. We also work with linguists who specialize in medical translations and are familiar with industry-specific terminology. As native speakers of target languages, they can accurately translate medical texts.
Our linguists are subject matter experts, which means that they use the specialist language on a regular basis, stay up to date with new developments in their industry, and, consequently, are able to evaluate the correctness of terminology in texts.

Quality assurance

Every translation should represent quality and precision of thought, irrespective of the area and goal of the text. For medical translations, it is of paramount importance. All terms, doses, dates have to be rendered faithfully as someone’s health and life may depend on it. To this end, our medical translations are carefully checked before delivery to make sure everything is in order. We use CAT tools to ensure consistent vocabulary and adherence to any required templates.

PhD, Hab. Associate Professor Mark J. Hunt

  • BSc (Pharmacology) King’s College London
  • PhD (Pharmacology) Trinity College, University of Cambridge
  • Postdoc – University of Nice Sophia Antipolis
  • Assistant Professor, M. Nencki | Polish Academy of Sciences
  • Member of the evaluation committee, Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences, UW
  • 15 years experience in scientific proofreading
Quality review of documents (QRD) is a standardized template for patient information leaflets and labelling of medicines. The pharmaceutical industry is developing rapidly, with new products released every month and launched in new markets. The number of QRD documents is increasing and they often need to be translated into several languages. MD Online has in-depth experience in delivering texts in accordance with the standardized templates and formats.
A discharge summary or medical report is issued by a hospital after medical treatment has been carried out. We have a growing base of clients requiring translation of these documents. Our team of translators specializes in translating discharge summaries to and from European languages.
Advances in medical technology and treatment largely depend on the availability of state-of-the-art equipment. Our native speakers are skilled in translating manuals and describing the operations of medical equipment that facilitates the work of medical practitioners around the world.
Global events and tendencies motivated us to expand our database of linguists able to handle clinical, pre-clinical and post-use reports. We have successfully translated many of these types of documents for top-shelf pharmaceutical companies and met with their approval.

Fast turnaround and highly competitive prices

You will get a non-binding quote within the hour – it will include pricing details and an estimated deadline. We know your time is precious!

Why translate with us?

MD Online is aware of the high standard required, in particular, for biomedical, bioengineering, pharmaceutical, and medical-related translations. Each text is assessed in-house and allocated to the most appropriate specialist. We routinely carry out quality spot checks and other quality assessment measures to be sure the project is delivered on time and to the highest standards.

Our many years of experience in the biomedical, bioengineering, pharmaceutical, and medical-related fields made it possible for us to develop a large translation memory and expanded glossaries across many areas. They prove invaluable in terms of maintaining consistency and correctness of vocabulary throughout our projects.

Is your project already in progress? No worries!

MD Online can assist you in medical translation projects already in progress. If you have a large project partially complete, we can evaluate its quality with our medical specialists. Our translators can spot check random paragraphs (the volume is to be determined) and evaluate the performance. We call this service a “spot check” as it concerns selected paragraphs only. You can forward our remarks to your linguist and help the person upgrade the quality of the translations.

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