MD Online can adapt our services to your needs. For example, if you need a large volume of text translated as soon as possible – the most time-efficient solution may be postediting. We have successfully carried out postediting projects for LSPs and businesses. Our team of experienced posteditors and translators know the most effective ways to handle large texts, that require express delivery, without compromising the quality.

MD Online assists LSPs in handling postediting projects.

Using CAT software in many cases reduces the delivery time compared to a regular translation.

The end result depends on your needs – we suggest light postediting for texts intended for internal use and full postediting for texts intended for distribution. Prior to starting a project, we will inform you of the quality of the MT content and optimal solution for handling it.

What is postediting

Postediting is a service that allows for a quicker turnaround of a text. The source is pretranslated using a trained automated translation engine and forwarded to the linguist to make all necessary adjustments. Automated translation is just the first step, not the final product of this service.

Light postediting

Light postediting is advised when the text is needed asap or when it is prepared for internal needs only. The linguist will make sure the content is understandable and grammatically correct; however, there may be stylistic imperfections after light postediting.

Full postediting

The level of changes has to be agreed with the client, since postediting concerns both the grammar and style. A text after full postediting should be of equivalent quality to a human translation.

The speed and quality of postediting largely depends on the results of machine translation.

We always assess the file before quoting – for example an engine may not suited for a particular text type, or language pair, and substantial parts of the content may have to be retranslated. Fortunately, the technology behind MT engines is improving. Consequently, we are able to work on much better texts and deliver them to you much sooner.


MD Online is up-to-date with recent solutions, services and market needs.

We are able to provide team of experienced posteditors when you require this service.

If you want to discuss postediting projects in more details please contact us.