Year 9: the power of networking

Dorota and Mark never liked networking. As simple as that. Despite knowing the old business truth that networking is power, we simply did not enjoy it and felt very proud that we managed to build a well-working company without any artificial networking strategies. Mark never had any social media profiles apart from basic on ResearchGate, Dorota had her FB account but only for close friends.

With the COVID-19 lockdowns going on in 2020 and 2021, something changed. All meetings with key clients were moved online and somehow – in all its convenience – something was missing. So when Dorota read about the new initiative in the translation community – POLOT – where the language service providers decided to create a new space for the exchange of thoughts and experiences, she gladly joined it. She knew most of the founding members as they were regular clients of MD Online, however, it was a fresh experience to meet as a bigger group and to get to know other companies. Great opportunities to brainstorm ideas and exchange experiences.

The first ever group photo of POLOT members – can you spot Dorota?

During one of the first POLOT meetings, there was another surprise. Actually, we’re not even sure who was more surprised – Dorota or other POLOT members – as at the end of the meeting somebody suggested taking a picture of the meeting. And so we did a selfie by the table, all in smiles. Then the person said:

– I’ll share it with you via LI, give me a sec.

And then after a while of clicking on the mobile, the person asked Dorota:

– And you? What is your profile name? I cannot seem to find you…

Dorota responded:

– I don’t have a LinkedIn account.

– You don’t…? – The person seemed utterly surprised, as were the others around.

– So…so…how do you do your business???

Hmm…Dorota knew how she does business, however, that question and the surprised faces of many other LSP owners made her think that there must be something important lurking there that she obviously missed; something that others can’t imagine their business without. And so Dorota as well as MD Online got their LinkedIn accounts. Not that it changed the business dramatically, but at least we know we are there… and as they say “when in Rome do as the Romans do.” With POLOT, Dorota got her first ever professional pictures, which were necessary for the official announcement of her becoming the President of The Revision Committee for POLOT.

In 2021, the year when the world started leaving its safe lockdown places, we organised another of our annual retreats. This time in Kraków, and it was soooo good to meet the team members all together again and conquer the Krakow Dragon in one of the escape rooms. It was time to start travelling and developing our company internationally again, or anew. And more of that came in 2022. Keep reading!

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