As you are expanding your business, you want to have some trusted linguists who can prepare your promotional materials in other language versions. Or perhaps you run an LSP and pick out new translators for cooperation. In any case imaginable, MD Online can help you choose the best people for your projects by our Language Quality and Assessment services.

Why trust MD Online

We are present on the market for over seven years. Throughout this time, we have established a large network of connections with native speakers of dozens of languages. They are all educated and experienced linguists, with some sworn translators, qualified technical and medical specialists. As native speakers, they are closely acquainted with the linguistic and cultural nuances of their mother tongues. Therefore, they are able to assess the quality of the text, its register and any errors therein.

Sample assessment

One of the ways our native speakers can help you choose the best linguist is by assessing sample translations. You choose a portion of a text that best represents the usual tasks the person would have to tackle; there can be several short samples from different areas, if necessary. When your potential linguists send them back, we consult our native speakers. Within two working days, you will know which person performed best! There are many ways of providing feedback ? we can assess on a 1-5 scale, provide a comment with examples, proofread the sample to point out errors, etc.

Language tests

Some of our customers prefer a more school-like evaluation method. To satisfy their needs, we have developed tailor-made language tests that help in screening the candidates. They can have various forms ? gap completion, multiple-choice, crossing the odd one out, spotting errors in the text, etc.

Back-translation and evaluation

It is also possible to perform back-translation in order to see how accurate the original translation is. The theory is simple ? if a translation from English to language X is precise, the translation from that language into English will convey pretty much the same meaning and wording.

MD Online cares about your satisfaction. We want to help you choose the best linguists and support you in your further growth. If you would like to learn more about our Language Quality Assessment services or have other ideas on how to do it, do not hesitate to contact us.

About MD Online: Mission statement: to ensure textually clear, grammatically correct and properly localised proofreading and translations by native speakers of the target language.

 MD Online has an excellent track record of providing proofreading and translations to individual academics, institutes and businesses. We are building a solid reputation and have a large number of customers who reuse our services as well as recommended it to others.

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