There is a noticeable market demand for broadly understood AVT translations. Many companies, irrespective of their size and type of activity, invest in advertising and promotion that is about more than just pretty visuals. They want to appeal to their target customers in an attractive way and in their local language, so they localise their materials into several languages. Entertainers such and Netflix or HBO care about their customers and aim at providing the best experience for all, even those with impaired hearing, by enabling subtitling, dubbing and voiceover options. According to research we?ve mentioned in one of our previous entries, a considerable number of people watch muted videos, triggering a greater subtitling demand in social media. The multimillion gaming industry also generates large volumes of contents for localisation. Is the translation industry ready for so intense audio-visual translation?

Challenges of media translation

We believe it is getting there. More and more translators wish to specialise in AVT and localisation services to be able to fill in the gap on the market. Some universities and institutions offer courses specifically designed to train linguists in handling such tasks. It is not an easy direction as there are many types of software to master (it may even happen that each customer requires a different tool!) as well as a lot of technicalities to remember. Also, a particular media type may be composed of a few sub-types, each requiring a different approach. Not every linguist can overcome those challenges, they can give a real headache! AVT required from the translator both technical skill and a unique linguistic sense. Our translators have just that, and they have successfully completed a variety of audio-visual translation projects ? promotional video subtitles, voiceover content translation, call centre recordings, and many more.

Media Online Support

To help both translators and companies successfully complete their AVT-related goals, we have launched a new brand within the MD Online family. As the name suggests, its activity and offer are oriented towards supporting the translation processed of various types of media, especially those accessible online. We know how to prepare subtitles, transcripts, captions, how to localise them and how to manage multilingual projects in a time-efficient manner. Our team is ready to assist translators in learning how to function in this area of the translation industry.

We are also eager to help businesses in expanding their activity by providing tailor-made media online translation services. Our team of experienced AVT translators will enable your content to reach a much broader audience in more countries. Adding subtitles may allow you to interest also those who cannot turn on the volume or have a hearing disability. Voice-over or dubbing in your customer?s native language shows that you care about their needs and want to make the entire communication as smooth as possible. The benefits are virtually endless!

If you would like to know more about the way we manage AVT-related projects and how we can help you achieve your media objectives, do not hesitate to contact us.

About MD Online: Mission statement: to ensure textually clear, grammatically correct and properly localised proofreading and translations by native speakers of the target language.

 MD Online has an excellent track record of providing proofreading and translations to individual academics, institutes and businesses. We are building a solid reputation and have a large number of customers who reuse our services as well as recommended it to others.

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