MD Online dołącza do ZPBT POLOT

The beginning of a new calendar year is always a moment of reflection on the past twelve months as well as looking into the future and setting new goals. This January was particularly motivating to our company as we have had the honour of being admitted to Związek Przedsiębiorców Branży Tłumaczeniowej POLOT.

This organisation was established in the spring of 2019 as a response to the need for uniting the translation industry and adopting a common stance in issues of importance. POLOT is a platform where competing companies can safely discuss the future of the sector, adopted strategies, modern solutions and any other issues that trouble its members. The founders of POLOT are active entrepreneurs in the translation industry. Their activities are supported by over a dozen entities who share their vision of the industry.

The organisation wants to support good practices in the translation industry and develop projects that aim at shaping a better and more dynamic sector. Members of POLOT may also take part in joint workshops that improve the quality of their services and customer rapport. They also gain access to up-to-date information on legal conditions and opportunities shaping their activity. POLOT is also engaged in student training programmes, certification of translators, specialist workshops and international cooperation. A unique goal of POLOT lies in promoting a new approach to student training, one that prepares language students to face the expectations of the industry after graduation.

We hope that our membership in ZBPT POLOT will prove fruitful and the ideas presented during the gatherings will help in shaping a better tomorrow of the translation industry.

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