At MD Online, we constantly develop our language skills and the skills of our families, translators and of the whole world ? We love foreign languages and attend various language courses and studies, acquire titles and degrees, and communicate daily in foreign languages. We know that you also want to work on improving your language skills, so we present you our new solution – LEO Academy.

Travelling in the times of the pandemic

At the time being, due to the sanitary restrictions, we cannot travel freely around the world and practice our language skills in everyday conversations with native speakers. Of course, we can watch movies or attend courses, but it is not as exciting as real contact with a foreign language. What if you could travel safely and improve your language skills without even leaving your house? Sounds impossible, but our founders have found a solution and created an online language travel agency – LEO Academy.

Unique summer proposition

Our sister company, LEO Academy, is not just a language school. It aims to provide real contact with a foreign language in its various forms. LEO Academy’s offer is addressed mostly to school children, but adults will also find something for themselves. Online trips, the so-called Summer Camps, give you a chance to learn about the culture of English-speaking countries (e.g. USA, Great Britain, Jamaica, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia) and to hear and practice accents from those countries. During a five-day camp, each day you will go on a trip to a different country and learn many interesting facts about it. Classes are held by native speakers from each country who share their knowledge and their cultural heritage with great passion. After each trip, all participants receive an arts&crafts kit that will help them further improve their language skills and gather all information about the visited country. Someone from LEO Academy team will be present during every trip to help children understand what the native speaker is saying.

We strongly encourage you to check LEO Academy ‘soffer. It is an interesting and unique proposition for the youngest, but parents can also attend camp prepared specifically for them. More info about the offer and activities of LEO Academy can be found here: https: //

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