At MD Online, we put a lot of weight on highest possible quality of translation. Therefore, the decision to work in CAT tools was a natural one for us. Yet, we are also aware that beginning the work in a new software can be overwhelming. This is why we decided to create a series of webinars on translation software, directed to translators collaborating with us.

Why CAT tools matter?

CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tools are computer software created to suit the needs of translators. These programs aid translation in a way that helps maintain the quality of translation and simultaneously speed up the translation.

CAT Tools provide a variety of functionalities aimed at increasing the consistency of terminology and automatizing the formatting to help translators provide translations of highest quality, even in the shortest deadline. With translation software, having to translate fast, no longer equals lower quality standards.

Webinar series

The series includes 4 webinars on different functionalities of translation software and it was launched on April 13 with the webinar “Introduction to CAT tools”.

The first webinar provided basic information for translators who are on the beginning of their adventure with the translation software or are just considering starting using them. During the webinar, we discussed the nature of the software and the functionalities as well as the ways in which CAT tools can help translators in their work.

In the upcoming webinars we will cover other significant aspects of CAT tools like the editor, the translation memory, linguistic assets and basic troubleshooting. Our webinars are based in SmartCat which is out CAT tool of choice at MD Online.


We have been using SmartCat for some time now and in our opinion it is a great translation software with wonderful possibilities. SmartCat is a free online CAT tool which offers powerful functionalities the quality of which is comparable to the paid translation programs. What is more, SmartCat does not store any personal data or any other data, so all the files you upload there are completely safe. This constitutes a great option for those translators who just start using translation tool or do not feel like paying a significant amount of money for a CAT tool.

From our point of view SmartCat is a great option, as it allows to observe the works in real time. In this way, we may easily react and help in case of any problem.

What gives us the right to host training?

You may be curious about our qualifications to train translators in CAT tools. We are happy to provide the information about the hosts of the webinars!

The hosts are two of our staff who are both specialists in project management as well as experienced translators who use SmartCat and other CAT tools on everyday basis. This gives us an opportunity to look at the issue of CAT tools from both perspectives.

Stay tuned for the next events which will take place every other Tuesday!


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