Battle of the greats: CAT, MT and AI. Who is better for medical texts?

Battle of the Greats: CAT, MT and AI. Who is better for medical texts? Part 2.

Last week, we analysed the process of translating medical texts from Polish to English using CAT, MT and AI. You can check it out here. This time, we took English to Polish translation to the test. The graph below presents the time spent on translation in each text category:

Surprisingly, CAT and AI are tied when it comes to the time needed to complete the translation. MT was the fastest method, but CAT made it easier to achieve the best quality. AI was noticeably the most difficult to work within this category.

Results were translated with MT a bit faster than with AI. In terms of quality, CAT was again at the top, with AI delivering the poorest results.

Academic papers and abstracts were translated the fastest with MT, which also provided good-quality results. Again, the best quality was achieved with the help of a CAT tool. AI was again unable to replicate the style of academic writing.

As for technical texts, MT and AI tied in terms of work time. Despite the speed, AI proved to deliver the lowest quality of initial input.

General texts were again processed equally fast with the help of MT and AI. Both provided good results in terms of quality, as such texts do not require specialist language, but CAT allowed for a more accurate translation with a better flow.


When comparing three translation methods for Polish to English and English to Polish for different categories of medical and medical texts, the CAT and MT methods turned out to be a better choice in terms of translation accuracy, while the AI method turned out to be the weakest one. In terms of working time, the best overall results were obtained by MT. Considering the quality-to-time ratio, MT-assisted translation may be the best solution for medical text translation from Polish to English. The translator can utilise the benefits of a CAT tool (term bases, translation memories, etc.) and speed up the work by applying MT suggestions.

You can download the full report for this part by clicking here.

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