Battle of the greats: CAT, MT and AI. Who is better for medical texts?

Battle of the greats: CAT, MT and AI. Who is better for medical texts?

Translating medical texts from one language to another is a complex task, requiring precision and perfect knowledge of both languages. In today’s global society, where the exchange of information is essential, the quest for finding the most effective translation methods is crucial. In this article, we present the study results regarding three popular translation helpers: CAT translation, MTPE and AI (chat GPT). We tested them in five categories of medical texts: labels of medicines, medical results, academic texts, technical texts and general texts. The three helpers were assessed in terms of the time needed for translation (assuming that 100% of the time is for CAT method) and accuracy. We will also present the strengths and weaknesses of each helper.

Polish to English translation of medical texts

First, we tested the three greats in Polish to English translation. The graph below presents the time spent on translation in each text category:

When it comes to labels, MT is the obvious winner in terms of the time needed to complete a task. However, CAT provided the best results accuracy-wise.

Results were translated by MT and AI in a similar amount of time. In terms of quality, CAT was again at the forefront, followed by MT. Unfortunately, the results obtained from AI were subpar.

Academic papers and abstracts were translated the fastest with MT and the best quality was obtained when using own CAT tool resources. AI was again the worst in this respect – academic writing follows a specific style, which was not replicated by Chat GPT.

As for technical texts, MT allowed for the fastest completion of the task and CAT provided the best quality. AI required the greatest number of corrections to produce acceptable text quality.

General texts were processed equally fast with the help of MT and AI. Both provided good results quality-wise, as they do not require specialist language, but CAT allowed for a more fluent translation to be produced.

You can download the full report for this part by clicking here.

In Part 2 of this article, we will take a look at the performance of CAT, MT and AI in English to Polish medical texts. Stay tuned!

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