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As international business contacts gain momentum in their development, translation from English to Swedish (and the other way round) has become increasingly popular. The lingua franca status of the first language makes it a universal means of communication during negotiations. Most agreements are drafted in English, and the English statements are usually the binding versions in bilingual documents. Which details should you be aware of when ordering a translation from English to Swedish? Let us explain.

Germanic languages and the Scandinavian group

English belongs to the family of Western Germanic languages, although the influences of Latin, French and Scandinavian languages are clearly visible. The latter may be slightly surprising, but a dive into British history and the period of Dane law explain that connection.

Swedish is also a Germanic language but belongs to the Eastern Scandinavian subgroup. Over 10 million people speak Swedish as their first language, mainly in Sweden and Finland. Incidentally, this language has 17 vowel phonemes and several sounds that can be encountered only in Swedish. There are two systems of stressing syllables, acute and grave. Ignoring them may lead to serious difficulties while communicating with the Swedes.

Therefore, from a linguistic point of view, translation from English to Swedish happens essentially within the same language family. It should facilitate the process due to some similarities that may be encountered.

Translation from English to Swedish

Many Swedes are fluent in English (they?re always at the top of the ranks!). There is an ongoing debate whether it is still a foreign language since translation from English to Swedish and code-switching are their daily bread. A strong influence of English and an abundance of borrowings come as no surprise. Similarly to other languages, French also affected the Swedish language during the 18th century Francophile trend. It is easy to conclude that similar word roots are found in translations from English to Swedish.

The Language Council of Sweden does not see such phenomena as threats. On the contrary, it advocates that it is just another step in the evolution of the official language of Sweden. For this reason, when taking a look at a translation from English to Swedish, you do not have to be worried by a lot of English-like words as they have been incorporated in the target language corpora.

In the area of translation from English to Swedish, MD Online has cooperated with native speaking Swedes for many years. Their excellent command of English, perfected since a very young age, allows them to really understand the source text. The fact that they are immersed in the Swedish-speaking community facilitates their translation skills and helps in perfect localisation of target content. We verified their qualifications in hundreds of projects and confidently stand by their quality. Each translation from English to Swedish you order with us will satisfy your every demand!

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