The MD Online webinar covering topics related to Translation Memories took place on Thursday, May 28, 2020. The training was attended by 30 translators from all over the world including Poland, Egypt, the Netherlands, the USA, and the UK.

Translation Memories (also known as TMs) that were the topic of the webinar is an important factor in maintaining the top consistency of translated text or texts. Systematically updated TMs are a part of MD Online?s quality control system which allows us to deliver high-quality texts, even in a short time.

We decided to share our knowledge with our translators and train them in the topics related to quality assurance and Computer-Assisted Translation. This is how the idea behind webinars was created. Translation Memories webinar was the second online training conducted by the MD Online team. Similarly to the previous event, we shared the presentation with the participants. The recording of the webinar is available for everyone here.

We also asked the participants to fill in a follow-up questionnaire as we wanted to find out which parts they enjoyed the most and on what we should focus on in the future.

The webinar was divided into three parts ? theoretical, practical, and discussion. In the theoretical part, information about TMs and their applications were presented. In the practical part, we took a look at a CAT tool to see how working with Translation Memory looks like in reality. The discussion was part of the training when participants could ask for further clarification.

Just like in the case of the last webinar, the part that the majority of participants found the most interesting was the practical part in which MD Online team members were giving useful tips for translation with the application of Translation memory.

The participants described the event as informative or very informative and as much as 87% of translators who joined our webinar stated that their knowledge increased after the training. Yet, what makes the entire team very happy is the fact that once again all the participants declared that they would like to participate in the upcoming event.

We would like to thank all participants for attending the webinar, and we hope that the next even will gather even more translators.

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