MD Online training in Gdańsk

We maintain the tradition of holding annual meetings in various interesting places in the country ? we have already been to Szymbark, Toruń, Wzgórza Dylewskie, Krakow. Now is the time to conquer Gdańsk! We took with us the employees of our sister company, eCORRECTOR, because we like working with them very much. Our meetings consist primarily of integration and joint improvement of the quality of our work. Every day we work on handling orders, observing each other and giving advice. We work remotely on a day to day basis, so such a meeting is an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences and tricks we developed on our own. An inseparable element of such a meeting is an analysis of changes that have taken place in our company over the last year, discussing plans for the following months and years and sharing personal opinions on the future of the industry. After the

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