Reports from PCI Days – meeting the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry 


Our team member on PCI days

We had the opportunity to participate in one of the most notable events for suppliers from the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry – PCI Days, which took place yesterday in Warsaw. It was extremely inspiring and allowed us to better understand how wide and dynamic the world of pharma and cosmetics is. 

We were immediately attracted to many stands, each presenting unique products and innovative solutions. We couldn’t wait to talk to experts in these fields and learn more about their offers. Admittedly, we had many stimulating conversations that gave us valuable information and opened up new perspectives. 

One of the topics recurring during our discussions was the importance of translation quality in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. The experts emphasized that precise translation of documents, manuals and product labels is crucial. Any error in translation may prove both costly and dangerous for consumers. Cooperation with professional translators who have specialist knowledge in the field of pharmacy and cosmetology is becoming more commonplace. 

PCI days

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Another essential element, strongly emphasized by our interlocutors, was the role of documents, brochures and folders in the presentation of products from abroad. Many suppliers pointed to the need to prepare professional promotional materials in the language of the target group. Properly prepared materials not only facilitate communication, but also build trust and help gain new customers.

It needs to be remembered that not only the quality of translations and professional documents matter in building customer relations. It turned out that the ability to communicate in the mother tongue also plays a key role. PCI experts have noticed that they achieve better results when the company is able to communicate naturally, using the target native language. Therefore, it is extremely important that suppliers from the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry use the services of translators with a high level of language competence. 

The PCI trade fair turned out to be a place where we could learn about new products and trends, but also gain a valuable lesson about the needs and requirements of our customers. We will use the acquired knowledge to continue our mission of providing high-quality translations and professional materials for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. This event strengthened us to support our clients in their development and expansion into new markets. 

Participation in PCI Days was both inspiring and motivating. We are grateful to everyone who shared their experiences and knowledge with us. We are already looking forward to further industry events that will allow us to broaden our horizons and build even better relationships with our partners. 


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