Technical translation may pose a challenge for professional translators. In order to receive the best outcome, there are lots of strategies available for us, which are to be presented in the following article.

What to do

When facing a technical translation, there are a few solutions we may come up with. One of them, with the most long-lasting effect, is education within the given technical field. Philology graduates might consider this idea, as it would give them the skills necessary for providing translations the target needs, and, perhaps, allow for increasing the rate due to the high level of translations they can provide. However, we are not always in a position to make such big changes, which is why there are other strategies to come.

Another idea worth applying is the use of technical dictionaries. As we know, the Internet provides us with online dictionaries, yet not all of us are well aware of the existence of specialist ones. After typing phrases such as technical dictionary online, technical translation, specialist dictionary, we may be rewarded with some remarkable results. What is worth adding is the fact that when not knowing the given field perfectly, it might be a fine solution to compare a given translation with the results from other dictionaries and get familiar with the context in which the keywords are used. In the upcoming series of articles, we are going to introduce you to the world of technical dictionaries from particular branches and recommend the ones worth visiting.

What not to do

In the given situation, there are also strategies which should never be chosen. One of the most tempting solutions would be the use of Google Translate. Even though machine translation is getting better and better, we should rather fall far short of using it.

What is more, when unsure about the quality of our text, we should not deliver it to the target client. Doing so may result in a claim regarding our services and put our good reputation into jeopardy. Taking into account an even worse scenario, if a technical translation regards the instruction of a machine, we may put someone else in danger or damage their health.

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