Sworn and business translations in Lodz

MD Online assists businesses located in Lodz, the third largest city in Poland and former industrial centre. We collaborate with number of well-established businesses from Lodz and can assist you personally from our office in Lodz.


MD Online provides native speaker translation and proofreading services.

The company works successfully with language service providers and businesses. We use CAT tools to ensure the terms are consistently translated across different files and orders. This also has the added benefit of reducing costs for returning clients.
We provide translations that are tailor-made to suit your business needs – from marketing materials (e.g. leaflets, catalogues, invitations, speeches), documentation (e.g. legal documents, contracts, certificates, resumes) to product descriptions, glossaries and subtitles.
Our proofreaders are always native speakers of the target language, which ensures fully localised content and a final document that reads like a native speaker’s text. This service is especially recommended for texts that are intended for distribution.
If you require a translation carried out by a certified (sworn) translator, we can help you. MD Online cooperates with a network of sworn translators from Polish, English and German into various European languages. You can collect the translation from our office or receive it via post.

Centre of the Polish textile industry

This third largest city in Poland has a very unique story, tied to business activity for centuries. It was especially visible in the pre-1989 period, when Łódź was a centre of the Polish textile industry. One of the remnants of this great era is the White Fabric, a monument of classicist architecture and a part of the official cultural heritage.

Łódź is also the location of the first vet clinic! This city has a perfect location transport-wise – it lies in the central part of Poland, close to an airport, railway junctions and main roads. Numerous BPO and logistics centres as well as a large variety of other businesses can therefore develop in this unique city. Science and technology are also prominent in Łódź, which hosts 26 universities and many research institutes.

Specialising in textile translations:

Science and Technology

Science and technology are also prominent in Łódź, which hosts 26 universities and many research institutes. Art and culture are very important parts of the Łódź landscape. It is one of the most important places for Polish cinematography, theatre, literature and music.

It also has its own Walk of Fame! Many well-known monuments are here, like the famous bench where you can sit next to Julian Tuwim. Probably the largest mural can be found on one of the buildings on Piotrkowska. Each year, dozens of festivals happen in here. Łódź is also very green – various parks are scattered around the area, allowing the inhabitants and tourists to enjoy the nature.

We the international character of Lodz.

Lodz history was shaped by four cultures – Polish, Jewish, German and Russian. It is a unique trait on a global scale. It allows us to melt into the intercultural atmosphere and motivates us to do our best to spread this spirit.
We are available to meet you at our office in Łódź to discuss possible cooperation and the way we can help your translation needs.

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